Job Description
North Lawndale Community Coordinating Council

Job Summary and Responsibilities:
• Responsible for providing strategic leadership for the North
Lawndale Community Coordinating Council. Provide monitoring
and oversight for all projects under the Chicago Prize.
• Partner with CEO to create and monitor annual budget
• Coordinate and direct all resources that will see projects from start
to implementation to ensure funding requirements are met
• Develops and maintain positive relations with strategic community,
local government and state partners
• Serves as the governmental liaison
• Establish a governance structure for the NLCCC
• Review communication plans for each project
• Interface with project liaisons for updates on project progress
• Monitor budget expenditures
• Create a community hiring agreement for each project ensuring
that there is adequate community representation on each project
at multiple levels of the project.
• Monitors projects schedules and performance measurements
• Responsible for enforcing and monitoring our companies and
funding obligation to meet MBE and CME (community member
engagement) requirements.
• Responsible for assisting the CEO in crafting and executing a
strategic vision and plan to execute that vision.
• Responsible for assisting with fundraising and identifying funding
opportunities to support the needs that are identified in the Quality
of Life Plan
• Assist the CEO with all HR issues, i.e., drafting job descriptions,
recruitment, performance, etc.

Bachelors Degree in Business or Finance or 10+ years of relevant

Experience in:
Community engagement
Project management
Strategic planning
Governmental relationships
No phone calls please.
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