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From a hub of industry to a base for the northern civil rights movement, North Lawndale is a culturally rich neighborhood with unique architectural character and historic significance. Located on the west side of the City of Chicago, North Lawndale is less than three miles from Chicago’s Loop. Wide boulevards and long blocks, remnants of concentrated industrial development, speak to the neighborhood’s history as a thriving manufacturing and residential center. While North Lawndale’s more recent past has been one of population loss and disinvestment, the community’s proximity to the Loop, University of Illinois at Chicago, and the Illinois Medical District bolster its potential as a desirable location for residential and commercial investment. More


Photo Credit: The Map Collection, University of Chicago Library, Christopher Siciliano, and Jeremy AthertonCreated by self (User:JeremyA) using an outline map from the Map Collection, University of Chicago Library [1] and Christopher Siciliano Illinois outline map fromFile:Map of Illinois counties.svg by User:Dual Freq.