What Can We Do to Reduce Crime and Violence in North Lawndale?

There are 77 community areas in Chicago. According to the Chicago Tribune Crime in Chicagoland page, as of June 13, 2016, North Lawndale ranked #7 in violent crime,  #29 in property crime and #4 in quality of life crime, according to the Chicago Tribune Crime in Chicago page.

What strategies do you know of that have been proven to reduce crime and violence? Can any of those strategies be replicated in North Lawndale?  We posted these questions on Facebook, and got the following responses so far.

“I don’t know if it’s been proven but giving people in the community jobs, that benefit the community. For instance, jobs that clean up the vacant lots, by build playgrounds and gardens; or opening more centers for the kids to play and provide young adults/teenagers with jobs. Having accessible mental health facilities, to break the stigma and help people cope with the community violence.”

“For as much as I’m not a fan of Pastor Corey Brooks, I admire how he has brought the rival gangs together and called a truce. We need our churches to become more involved, get out in the community and befriend the gangbanger. In the neighborhoods, there is a church on almost every corner. I think it’s time the pastors to start getting together stratigizing. It’s time for the churches to give back to the communities by showing they care. It might take bringing in others like the Alderman and talking to the police chief but it has to start somewhere.”

Some people shared links to useful articles.

Police spend £5,000 on flowers to deter criminals

The display in Bristol, used as a deterrent to miscreants and petty criminals, is believed to be the first time flowers have been used to combat crime.


Flower Power Thwarts Burglars in Japan

Healthy Communities May Make Safe Communities: Public Health Approaches to Violence Prevention


What say you?  Feel free to post in the comment section.  We would love to hear from you.

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