North Lawndale Employment Network E-Learning and COVID-19 Community Survey Results

We are pleased to share with you the results of the first COVID-19 NLEN client survey, prepared by Director of Evaluation, Adam Levine.

Frontline employees and program directors wanted to better understand, challenge or confirm assumptions about the impact that program modifications have had on U-Turn Permitted job readiness program and READI, participants, as a result of COVID-19.

As we seek to expand the pathways in how to serve the most vulnerable in our community, we will utilize this survey and other feedback tools to further inform how we deliver programs and services today and tomorrow, after the pandemic. 

Here a few initial highlights:

73% said this was their first e-Learning experience

73% said they had all the necessary technology they needed

• Computers/laptop were the most in-need technology

About one-quarter prefer e-Learning (28) | nearly half prefer in-person (49%)

Aspects of e-Learning people like:

• Convenience | flexibility | accessibility | something new | reduced costs (transportation) | being at home | off the streets | freeing up time (transportation)

Aspects of e-Learning people don’t like:

• Human connection and interaction | Less individual focus | not being in the classroom | network

Connectivity issues | less depth of conversation | getting ‘up and going’ | privacy concerns

Chicago Furniture Bank is looking to hire a Development & Communications Director

The Chicago Furniture Bank is a 501c3 nonprofit whose mission is to provide dignity, stability and comfort to Chicagoans moving into supportive housing by allowing them to handpick furnishings for their entire home.

Since opening in July of 2018, the CFB has furnished 1,550 homes for 4,100 people, distributing 28,000 pieces of furniture (800 tons). We currently furnish 8 homes per day and have 22 full-time employees (75% being hired through nonprofit workforce development agencies). The CFB is a rapidly growing organization that plans to continue to expand into 2020.

As a young and growing organization, they are looking for a person for an executive role who is passionate about the mission and wants to continue to improve/grow the organization.

To learn more: