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If your organization serves North Lawndale, please consider subscribing to the North Lawndale Community Coordinating Council’s blog feed. This will look similar to a Twitter feed on your website, depending on what widget/API you use. You can put it on a page, in the margin, or in the footer of your website, depending on your set up. You can also choose how many headlines will run, depending on your widget. If you need help setting it up, put me in touch with your webmaster. Here is the link to the feed. Copy and paste it into the RSS link widget. Looking forward to a more connected community.

Valerie F. Leonard,


Looking for Blog Content

We are in the process of moving our website closer to being a bona fide North Lawndale portal. In so doing, we ask that you do one or as many of the following as you can:

1. Provide a link to you organization’s website and/or the RSS feed of your organization’s website.  
2. Write an article on a timely topic in your particular nonprofit sector or field. (You may submit as many as you’d like, as often as you’d like). We’d like to showcase our members’ expertise. Your stories should include a headshot of you, a two-line bio and a picture depicting the topic about which you’re writing.
3. Provide stories about the latest developments within your organizations-the type that you would include in your organization’s newsletter.
Thanks for your consideration. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.  

Check Out NLCCC’s Acting Up Awards Application Video

Each year following On the Table, the Chicago Community Trust hears from excited and passionate community members about the conversations they had and the ways in which they want to make a difference on a local level. This year, the Trust will help ensure creative and actionable ideas raised during the discussions come to fruition.

To this end, the Chicago Community Trust has invited all individuals and organizations to submit a short video featuring their table’s idea of an actionable task to benefit your community. Some ideas included planting a community vegetable garden to buying school supplies for a classroom in need; cleaning up a local playground to supplying dinner for a week at a local soup kitchen. In essence – what could participants do with $1,000 to benefit their community?

On June 28, Chicago Community Trust will announce up to 50 On the Table participants who will receive a $1,000 Acting Up award to implement their idea. The charge is simply to encourage people to work together and take action for the public good.

Here is a copy of the NLCCC video submittal. Regardless of the outcome of the competition, we thoroughly enjoyed participating in several On the Table discussions on May 10th and have come back with a number of ideas that may be incorporated into our community planning process.

Taking Our Electronic Communication to Another Level

We want to thank you so much for your support of NLCCC and for following our website and blog.  This website is a work in progress, and rather than doing the work behind an “Under Construction” page we decided to launch it and build it in plain view.  We are bringing content to broaden the sense of community.

The North Lawndale Connection

Our electronic newsletter will be branded “The North Lawndale Connection” to reinforce our role as a community coordinating body.

Community Bulletin Board

If you have announcements that you would like to share for our monthly newsletter, contact  Kimberly George at If you have announcements that you’d like to go on our website, contact Rodney Brown at; Dennis Deer at drdeer@deerehabservices or                Valerie F. Leonard at

Community Hub

We are in the process of developing a community hub on the NLCCC website. There will be a page each for community-based organizations, businesses, institutions, elected officials, churches, city agencies, state agencies, county agencies, federal agencies. Those entities that are outside the North Lawndale community may be listed on a community partner page. Please let Dennis Deer, Rodney Brown or Valerie F. Leonard know if you would like to assist with this project.

Jobs Board

We thank Rodney Brown, who has volunteered to start a jobs page on our website. Given that the website is still under development, please allow 6-8 weeks before you see this in operation. We’re just priming the pump so you can start sharing that information in this forum and with Rodney.

These are a few example of some of the updates in the works. There are more where these came from, and we will keep you posted.