Looking for Developers With Experience Working With Community Benefits Agreements in Low Income Minority Communities

Do you know developers in Chicago who have a demonstrated track record working with low income minority communities who have entered into legally binding community benefits agreements? If so, please share their names and contact information. NLCCC will be hosting a panel discussion on community benefits agreements, featuring an attorney, developer and community activists who have successfully worked on community benefits agreements in Chicago. I will share their information with the committee working on the program.

Thanks in advance.

Valerie F. Leonard

Registration for CBA Conference: April 2, 9am-4:30pm‏

We thank our friend, John Paul Jones, President, Sustainable Englewood Initiatives, for sharing the following information. We realize that the registration deadline has passed. We are assuming that, since it was forwarded to him after the deadline, there is still an opportunity to register.

Good afternoon.

I wanted to follow up with you about the CBA Conference. Attached is the agenda and flier to share with your leaders for the conference.

To register yourself and your leaders, please visit: http://bit.ly/ChicagoAreaCBA

Please let me know if you have any questions. If there are any other groups we should speak with (to invite to the conference, or as panelists), please let me know.

Amalia NietoGomez
Executive Director
Alliance of the SouthEast (ASE)
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Photo credit: Eric Allix Rogers